Middleground is comprised of contributing students and faculty from Middlesex Community College.

Current and Past Contributing Students:

John McGinley

Lexi Halaby

Janelle Bouzerdan

TJ Karis

Caroline Porter

Isabelle Porter

Kerry Sheehan

Ethan Smith

Garrett Miner

Grace McAfee

Joe Nallen

Brandon Thompson

Natabell Rose

Charlotte Koch

Noah Katz

Deklan O’Connor

Emi Berrios

Joe Beagley

Sandra Thumi

Audrey Serna

Adam Roscoe

Estefanie Bernard

Marlon Del Villar

Alyssa Normandie

Ethan Rosario

Amelia Rosario

Julia Martyn

Boyd Mason

Destiny Donahue

Kayla Gilbert

David Rosario

Sara Gonsalves

Alizeh Khawaja

Faculty Advisers:

Daisy Carlsen

Jonathan Bennett

Cathy McCarron



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