We will publish anything we can get away with.

Issue 13 Theme: Let’s Get Political

The Middleground is a student run group that embeds a love of literature and creative writing into the Middlesex Community College student body through the opportunity to have a published zine. The zine’s physical layout allows for an exhibition of subcultures, identities, expressions, and voices that exist in obscurity and resist online assimilation. This zine solicits diverse student work of miscellaneous contemporary forms including, but not limited to poetry, stories, artwork, memes, critical reviews, falsified advertisements, craigslist posts, found items, repurposed items, postcards, and graffiti. We accept all forms of art; however, your submission is subject to being revoked if it includes explicitly hateful content. The Middleground zine is primarily a print work which publishes excerpts on a website, but the bulk of the zine will be available in print form only. The zine is a small circulation venue, similar to a chapbook or leaflet publication, whose sundry design appeals to any student who explores voice, form, and theme; as such, Middleground can be viewed as a democratic arena for personal exploration and student facilitated grassroots action.



Meetings: Monday 3:30pm, Bedford Campus (email for info)

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